Looking For Wax Soap Wrapper Packing Machines Near Kalabo Zambia

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Looking for Wax Soap Wrapper Packing Machines near  Kalabo Zambia

FusionTech International is One of the most Reputed Looking for Wax Soap Wrapper Packing Machines, kindly arrange to check more about our product on https://www.fusiontechintl.com/products/soap-wrapping-machine.html

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The key Features of Wax Soap Wrapper Packing Machines are;

> Low Power Consumption

> High Tech Additional features such as Auto Lock Chuck at unwinding station, Rachet to lift the base plate, Vertically Adjustable Cut-off section, Easy Blade Change over

> Excellent sealing of the Soap even at a higher speed                                               

> No Soap No Run Mechanism

> Servo Base Option available                                                                                      

> Design Speed from 180 to 450 Pieces Per Minute

> Soap Size from 20 grams to 300 grams

To explore more about our products Write us on exports@fusiontechintl.com  or Call us on +91 9998 726 203

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Looking for Wax Soap Wrapper Packing Machines near  Kalabo Zambia

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Looking for Wax Soap Wrapper Packing Machines near  Kalabo Zambia

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